Defend the Constitution
A document written by our founders in 1787, gave birth to the greatest nation the world has ever known. It is the job of our elected officials to defend the constitution as it was written, without loose interpretation. The constitution has blessed us with liberty, prosperity and justice for over 200 years. It must be defended as it is the essential safeguard of our liberty.

Maximize the allocation of funds keeping taxes low
Tennessee has prospered over the last few years while many states in our country have continued to increase deficits.  It is important that we work to maximize any surplus in the state budget.  The state has a surplus of around $500 million for 2015..  This surplus should be used for infastructure improvements and other essential needs of government.  When the resources are allocated throughout the state for museums, sidewalks, community centers, etc.  (which are all good things) and the citizens of the state are then being told we could face a tax increase, government is not working in the best interest of the people.  We must send conservatives to Nashville that will work to keep taxes low and allocate the resources in a responsible manner.

Stand for traditional family values
The family is the cornerstone of our country. It is important that we work to strengthen traditional family values and stand for the sanctity of life. I support traditional marriage between a man and a woman and believe life begins at conception.  The continued overreach of government, leads to the expansion of government, which erodes our individual liberty and freedom, protected by the constitution.
Government likes to increase spending in an effort to improve performance. The failure of this philosophy is exemplified in education. We must maximize the potential of our children by empowering local governments with the ability to make decisions best suited for the local schools. The state must resist federally mandated standards and the enticement of federal dollars.  Additionally, it is important for the state not to overreach in education but rather setting the course and allowing the local school systems and parents to craft the best education options within the course set by the state.